More people download TV-series’, movies and other videos online but watching them from a small computer screen is not the best possible movie experience. The solution for this is to attach your computer or laptop to your TV, but many people don’t know how it can be done. Here’s are the options:


  1. VGA: this is quite old way of attaching your TV and laptop or other computer together, but it still works and the video quality is decent in my opinion. At least it should be higher than with S-Video cable. Older TV’s don’t have VGA inputs though, so you might want to check out first what kind of plugs your TV has.
  1. S-Video: This kind of port can be found almost on any TV in the world, so this is one of the most common options, but the image quality isn’t very high if you are watching HDTV quality video from a HDTV quality TV. There are S-Video cables with 4 and 7 pins, so make sure that your TV has a 7-pin port to ensure this method to work.
  2. DVI: DVI port gives even higher quality than the two aforementioned methods but the problem is that these ports are not found in the older TVs. However, the newer TV’s do have them and if you could afford your new HD quality TV, you probably don’t have any problems with paying 30 to 70 dollars for a DVI-cable.
  3. HDMI: HDMI is the best option for this, because the image quality is superior. Many laptops don’t have a HDMI port, but the good ones and most expensive ones do have it and even the ones that don’t have it can use a DVI to HDMI cable to connect your computer with your TV.
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