If you have no clue about what AutoComplete is, here’s the definition:

Your browser keeps track of everything you have typed into it, such as the website address or login form information like your name or email address. This often helps you to do things faster when you don’t have to type everything again if you are using some features or websites all the time.


Internet Explorer

  1. Click Start with the left mouse button, then Settings, then Control Panel.
  2. Double click the Internet Options icon. The Internet Properties window will open.
  3. click the Content tab.
  4. click the AutoComplete button.
  5. click the Clear Forms button. This will remove all form data stored except for passwords.
Should you choose to use the Clear Passwords option, you will have to enter your password in logins all the time and the browser won’t pre-fill those forms for you again. This is useful feature if you are afraid that someone else will have an access to your computer.
Autocomplete functionality is easy to stop by unticking the checkboxes, and it is as easy to turn the functionality on again.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. click Tools and then Options. The Options window will open.
  3. click the Privacy icon from the Options window.
  4. From the right panel click the Clear button next to “Saved Form Information”.
Just like with the Internet Explorer, the autocomplete functionality is very easy to stop just by clicking the plus sign next to “saved form information”. Turning it back on is very easy by just reticking the checkbox.


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