How should a small company backup their data?


Backups are one of those things that often get neglected until something unexpected happens and the data of a computer is lost. The good thing is that nowadays it is possible to often save data from a hard disk that has crashed but doing regular backups is much cheaper and more reliable option.


If you haven’t done a full backup yet, you should create a sound backup strategy now. First thing to think about is to make sure that the data is safe even in case of a fire or earthquake. It is not enough that you have a backup on a different hard disk that is in the same building than your primary computer.


Good backup ideas:


  • Affordable USB hard drives are very good for regular backups. These should be then taken away from the site so that if something catastrophic happens, the data is still safe.
  • Using cloud servers is another good option if you are not afraid of the privacy and safety issues, in other words, if the data is not very private. Dropbox is one of the most common cloud systems, but it is a viable option only for small backups.
  • You can backup as often as you like. The thing is that you cannot backup too much – just too little. You should also ask yourself what happens if the first backup fails. Do you have a secondary backup in place? It is crucial to have more than one backup if your business is important to you.
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