If you are getting an error saying “USB device not recognized” whenever plugging in an USB device in Windows the problem isn’t too hard to solve. Often in this kind of case you can still for example reload your phone via the USB port so the power is still running but the operating system is not responding to the USB device.


It is quite likely that uninstalling your device drivers or reinstalling them does not work in this kind of case nor does system restore. It might sound very unlikely, but the solution usually is to unplug your whole computer from the power supply which will help the motherboard to reboot and reload all the drivers. This often makes your USB ports to recognize the attached devices again.


So basically all you have to do is to shut down your computer and then unplug it from the wall. Let it be like that for a few minutes and then you can replug it. This helped me, so I hope that it will help you as well!

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