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Best Technical Support and Smoking Assistance Websites (Both Local and Global)

Here is a list of some of the best websites that offer local help as well as online help to computer users.

247 Techies is an online help desk for every possible problem and need that you can have with your computer. They have a toll free number where you can call and getting actual help is not too expensive either. 247 Techies are open 24/7 just like their domain hints and they have a good knowledge about basic troubleshooting, new computer setups and PC maintenance. You can read more about them on their website.


Tech to Us

Tech to Us is quite a similar service than 247 Techies, and they offer services like security software support, virus and spyware removal, networking help, software support, printer and camera help, computer training, backup services etc. This service isn’t the most popular but they have reasonable prices and usually solve the problems easily.



Cyber Tech Help is a big and popular community that provides free computer help for all the people that have issues with their computers. They have lots of downloads in their download section, not to forget the vast amount of tutorials and articles that tackle different computer issues. Cyber Tech Help provides also technical support for different platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. There are over 100 000 members in their computer help forums, so you are quite likely to get an answer there, no matter what your problem is.


PC Help Forum

PC Help forum is a simple website at that consists only of a forum for PC help, but that’s often all you need, because these are forums that are actually active such as,,, and http://www.sähkö and you will get help for whatever your PC problem might be very easily and quickly. Recommended.